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Of all the language schools in the Czech Republic, the ZELENKA language school has been around the longest (since 1990). Our mission has remained the same this entire time: to provide effective lessons that help companies and individual students make real progress and move forward.

Thousands of students have attended our courses, and just like them, we’ll help you achieve great things in any language.

Effective approaches to learning mean our lessons have a real impact on your daily lives. We focus on achieving tangible results, like rapid improvement in communication with foreign customers or an increase in sales through negotiating in new foreign markets.

Our quality language courses enable your business to keep growing and strengthen your reputation.

Why us?


Language courses from A to Z

We’ll do a language audit, divide the employees into efficient groups, and propose the most suitable teaching program. And we’ll keep you informed on how everyone is doing, as well.

First-class language teachers

Our language school was founded on professional language teachers, each of them very experienced and with hundreds of satisfied students. Any teacher you meet at our language school has years of practice and great references to their name.


A dynamic, flexible approach

Arrange your individual lessons wherever and whenever you’d like. As for company courses, we’ll come right to your office. In both cases, we’ll fully adjust the teaching style and program to your requirements.

Observing internationally recognized standards

Our language school observes internationally recognized standards in professional teaching by adhering to a professional code of ethics in our teaching methods. It is our responsibility to act professionally when catering to the specific needs of all business partners and students and incorporate this into your lessons.


Results matter

We want our students to really gain something from their lessons, which is why we regularly test them, monitor their progress, and, if necessary, adjust the direction of the course to maximize its potential. When it comes down to it, we want to provide you with tangible results, like increased sales, more successful negotiations, and boosted confidence and efficiency in the workplace. Our language teachers are there to ensure you get them.

We love what we do

A good teacher is someone who enjoys it. We want to help you learn a foreign language and achieve even more in the workplace. We encourage our teachers to think outside the box and come up with ways to make the lessons more engaging, memorable, and practical. The result is effective language learning that our students actually look forward to!

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