WANTED: Motivated language teachers

Are you a teacher who absolutely loves their job?  That’s a great start! We’re looking for a person like that who is also interested in learning new styles and methods of teaching. Someone who is willing to work with their students to create the perfect learning environment for them. Does that sound like you?

Our team of teachers is reliable, creative, and flexible. We provide language courses for respected companies as well as highly-positioned employees or managers. With students like these, the quality of our teachers and the lessons they provide is absolutely crucial.

In short, we want only the best for our clients.

If you have a perfect command of a foreign language and like the idea of teaching for a language school with 26 years of tradition, contact us. A stable company (regular jobs), a perfectly coordinated and friendly team of colleagues, and good financial remuneration.

That’s our offer. What’s yours?

I’m interested

English Lecturer; Permanent placement in Zlin

We’d like you to:

  • have an interest in teaching, but also of learning new things
  • enjoy working with people from varied backgrounds
  • have some experience in direct teaching
  • (Education in the teaching field is highly valued although not essential)

I'm interested
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