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If you need your employees to communicate in a foreign language, then it’s likely that you’ll need them to use it in any combination of situations, from personal meetings to phone calls, and from e-mail correspondence to giving presentations.

To make reliable progress fast, each of these activities needs to be taught in a different way. Our teachers have the resources and training needed to focus on exactly what our students need to succeed in the workplace:

Need to improve your telephone English? Our teachers can do short, over-the-phone mini-lessons to help you get the most out of your work calls, e-mails, presentations, networking.

And these are just some examples of the ways our teachers can help you maximize your business in a foreign language. Contact us to find out how our company courses can help you.

Why us?


Lessons built to your needs

a comfortable, fun atmosphere is the best way to learn a language. Our teachers know this and use methods ideal for developing the skills that will help your company most. Before the course begins, we talk about the kind of language skills your company needs and then recommend the right teachers and teaching methods to accomplish that. This process means your company courses are relevant and fun for the students and beneficial for your business.

Courses take place in-house

no need to travel to the lessons – we’ll come to you! And, if you’d like, we can even incorporate the working environment into the teaching methods. After all, what better place for your employees to roleplay business situations than at their desks, practicing the different parts of their job in the desired language? This teaching style is not only highly efficient, but also much more fun, making it easier for the students to stay on track and motivated.


25+ years of experience

since 1990, we’ve been teaching all types of company employees to confidently communicate, from top management to entire departments of companies. And we’ll do the same for you or your employees.

Cooperating with over 50 language teachers

abilities, experience, and the professional approach of all our teachers are things that matter to us. Only experienced language experts, truly interested in helping you learn the language, are going to teach you. Each of our teachers has at least five years of experience and has successfully taught hundreds of students.


Thousands of lessons every year

any proper professional treats every workday as an opportunity to learn. Our teachers are no different. With so many lessons under their belts, you can be sure you and your employees are getting the best the industry has to offer, no matter when or where you need them.


Skill-oriented seminars

Getting ready to give a technical speech for a foreign audience? Or do you need to polish your business-making skills for your international projects? Let’s get to work!

Here at ZELENKA Language School, thematic seminars have proven over and over again to be the best way to drastically improve a certain part of the business you do in foreign languages.

Here are some thematic seminars we’ve been organizing the most frequently:


training for sales representatives

preparation for a technical conference

polishing your presentation abilities


These are just a few of the many scenarios our seminars can focus on.
So get in touch. We’ll be happy to tell you about more ways our seminars can help you.

Language audit for meaningful language lessons

There are a lot of ways a language audit can help:


Before lessons start we use it to measure students’ competency. From there we can better decide on the best teaching program.

During a course it lets us keep track of the progress each student is making and tells us if something needs to be adjusted to maximize that progress.

An audit is also good for testing new employees to quickly verify whether their level of language skills corresponds to the needs of your company.

Are you ready to make language work for you?
Our company courses and individual lessons can help!

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