Individual language courses.
The flexible alternative


Time is more precious than ever these days. We understand that not many can afford to waste time looking for a truly efficient way to learn a foreign language. With individual courses, you don’t have to adjust to anybody, as we fully adjust to you: place, time, style… it’s all about you.

Our mission is to help companies as well as individuals grow. If you’re a manager in charge of negotiating with an international team of colleagues, contact us! If you’re the CEO of your own company, get in touch!

Let us tailor a teaching plan to your needs and open unexpected possibilities for you.

Why come to us for individual lessons?


Your lesson. Your needs

you are the star of the show. Tell us what you need foreign languages for and we’ll put together a teaching program designed specifically around that. Do you write a lot of emails in other languages? We can help you write them faster and more clearly. Would you like to be more effective during calls with international clients? Our lessons can help you manage them with confidence.

Maximum efficiency of lessons

we have a lot of uniquely qualified teachers, and the most fitting one will be put in charge of seeing you succeed in the workplace. We encourage our teachers to actively involve their students in the lesson-planning process. The result is a teaching program focused on exactly what you need to work on, designed around an approach that keeps you comfortable and engaged—something group courses just can’t offer.


You set the schedule

we don’t do any fixed lesson schedules that can’t be changed. We understand how busy you are and that you need lessons built around your work week. Just tell us what your schedule looks like and we’ll make it work.

A place to your liking

traveling is what people do when on vacation, but it’s no fun to travel to language lessons. We’ll adjust to your needs not only concerning time but also location. Our language teachers are willing to travel anywhere.

Are you ready to make language work for you?
Our company courses and individual lessons can help!

Contact us
and we’ll get things started.

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